J/13/1832/2013; RO 32124953


    Estabilished in 2007, PRESTMAR NAVAL is a private romanian company with 296 employees. The primary activity of our firm is the corrosion prevention of steel strcutures, bridges and concrete structures as well.

    Available crew:

  • 60 blasters
  • 60 industrial painters for stripe-coat
  • 20 industrial sprayers
  • 30 scaffolding workers
  • 10 mechanics-electricians
  • 30 power-tooling workers
  • 10 turbine workers

    Available equipment and gear:

  • 20 dehumidifiers of 8000 mc/h with heating system for low temperature working
  • 5 vacuum-cleaners- 75 Kw each one
  • 1 vacuum-cleaner- 45 Kw
  • 1 vacuum-cleaner- 35 Kw
  • 15HPFWW pumps- 500 barr
  • 1 moto-compresor ATLAS-COPCO
  • 35 pcs- "GARCO" airless painting pumps
  • 15 pcs High capacity pressure pots for blasting (4 pcs have I.S.C.I.R. certificate)
  • 1 dust collector
  • 4 dust and fumes extractor
  • 6 electro-compressors


    In order to improve our activity and to increase the quality of our services, PRESTMAR NAVAL have implemented and sustain a quality system base on/according to the following standards:


    SC Prestmar Naval SRL is the main painting contractor in Constanta Shipyard, Romania. We perform appprox. 75% of the overall blasting and painting job carried out in this shipyard and more than 80% of thankling job.

    We perform complex blasting and painting operations such as:

  • anti-corrosive treatment of section-blocks in dedicated blasting and painting cells
  • anti-corrosive treatment of water ballast tanks, according to the PSPC requirements
  • tanklining: it takes 48 hours to blast and apply the 1st full-coat in a 2200 m2 tank
  • anti-corrosive treatment of fresh-water/potable water tanks
  • anti-corrosive treatment of superstrctures, external decks, void spaces, outside hull, etc.

    We can ensure the enviornment conditions for the a.m. jobs.


    For ship-repair, we can provide additional jobs such as:

  • Mounting and removing metallic scaffolding
  • HPFWJ and anti-corrosive treatment of Outside Hull (6000~15.000) m2 in app. 24h.

    We mention that since 2013,2014,2015 we have applied silicone antifouling (SIGMA and Hempel International Painting) withouth any claims and with a good feed-back from the customers and the Paint Makers.


The name of our firm stands for quality and reliability!